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The latest and more versatile garage remote!

The Doormate 2 is our second generation universal garage door system for your bicycle and more.
Introducing Doormate the world's first bicycle garage door remote.


World's First Garage Door Remote

Easy to Mount

Easy to Mount

Universal fit for most bicycle handlebars
Be The First

Be The First

First Edition Collection Now Available
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Protection from the Elements

Rated IP65

Water Resistant

Easily handles riding in wet conditions.


Complete dust and dirt protection.

No Weight Worries

No Weight Worries


Ultra lightweight so you'll never worry about Doormate weighing you down.

Discreet Design

Discreet Design

Fits in the end of the handlebar.

Superior design is compatible with alloy and carbon handlebars.

Long Range

Long Range

More than 15m/50ft of range

Our advanced Overboost technology helps you to properly time your garage opening.

The Fastest Way To Ride

Whether your ride is a quick trip to the store or a 45 mile trek along the coast, the last thing you want to do is have to get off your bike to open and close your garage door. You have enough stops along your ride so why bother with another?

Problem Solved! Hop on your bike and go when you're ready, just hit the opener switch that is easily integtrated in your handlebars and begin your adventure.

On your way back home you can just hit the switch again and ride straight into your garage. The perfect and easiest way to end your trip.

One Year Battery Life

Replaceable battery (included) and guaranteed for 1 year.


Multi-Frequency security significantly reduces interferance.


Secure fit & mounting means worry free riding.

30 Days Return Policy

We stand behind our product. You will have 30 days to try!


Fits in the handlebar end.




Simple to program.

Expertly Designed

Easy to assemble.


Rated IP65


Overboost range at 50ft+.

Leaving and entering your garage has never been easier!

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@angryasian "What’s the coolest thing you saw at the show?"

Without a doubt, that’s the question I’m asked most often at any trade show. At the Sea Otter Classic last weekend, I think that title may very well go to this little widget.

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Doormate universal garage door remote fits in your handlebar

For years I’ve asked cycling computer brands to add a button that opens my garage, to no avail. Now, finally, someone’s put that button on the bike, and the form factor couldn’t be better.

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